Elastomeric Expansion Joints

One line of rubber expansion joints offered at AFS Joints is our elastomeric line. These expansion joints are available in a range of standard sizes and are recommended for temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We are also capable of fabricating non-standard widths and movement capabilities as required by each client. Along with the standard elastomeric options, we can also work with a number of other FDA-approved elastomer options to best fulfill your flexible system needs.

Typical Movements – Fluid Sealing Association Handbook – Table D-B

TypeActive LengthAxial CompressionAxial ExtensionLaterial Movement
Single Layer6″ (150mm)2″ (50mm)1/2″ (13mm)+/-1″(25mm)
Elastomer9″ (230mm)3″ (75mm)1/2″ (13mm)+/-11/2″(38mm)
Flexible12″ (305mm)4″ (100mm)1″(25mm)+/-2″(50mm)
Element16″ (405mm)5″ (125mm)1″(25mm)+/-2 1/2″ (63mm)

Advanced Flecible Systems,Inc. Offers non-standard widths (active lenghths) and Movement capabilities as required by the client.

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