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A leading manufacturer and supplier of custom expansion joints for piping and ducting systems

At Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc., we are committed to becoming a leader in the design and manufacture of expansion joints by providing all market segments with superior dependability, quality, and value.

We offer a full range of available products for non-metallic expansion joints,  elastomeric, fluoropolymer and high temperature composite expansion joints. We also offers rubber piping expansion joints and metal bellows expansion joints. We have an extensive list of additional services, including field service & consultation, plus complete turnkey operations.

At AFS Joints, we are the experts of the industrial piping and ducting systems industry, providing the best in expansion joint design and configuration. With years of experience, Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc. produces superior flexible system solutions with our clients in mind.

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Our Expansion Joint Products

Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc. offers a full range of all non-metallic expansion joints. We employ the latest engineering and innovative technology to manufacture high quality rubber expansion joints for wide range of industries and applications. 

Industries We Serve

expansion joints for foundries plant


expansion joints for smelters plant


expansion joints for cement plant

Cement Plants

The cement kiln in Casial cement Plant


expansion joints for refuse incineration

Refuse Incineration

expansion joints for marine


expansion joints for food-processing plant

Food Processing

expansion joints for ethanol plants

Ethanol Plants

expansion joints for vapor heat dust recovery plant

Vapor/Heat/Dust Recovery

expansion joints for heating ventilation and air conditioning

HVAC -Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning


Our Additional Services

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Certain jobs come with very specific requirements. If your business

24 Hour Services

Emergencies don’t happen on a schedule. Advanced Flexible Systems has

Designs For Large Movements

No two factories are the same. That is why, at

Field Service And Consultation

Our mission at Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc. is to provide

Full Engineering Services

Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc. has an experienced staff of experts

Expansion Joints Manufacturer for Gas Turbine Applications

When it comes to expansion joints, gas turbine applications are

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AFS Joints - Your Reliable Partner for Flexible Expansion Joint in the United States

In the US, AFS Joints is a prominent provider and producer of flexible expansion joints. With more than 25 years of expertise, we have established ourselves as a dependable partner for sectors needing expansion joints of the highest caliber. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and superior quality products has earned us a reputation as a leader in the industry. We have established a reputation as an industry leader because of our dedication to providing excellent customer service and high-quality goods.

Flexible Expansion Joints of the Highest Quality:

Our flexible expansion joints are made to accommodate a range of requirements from the chemical, petrochemical, HVAC, and power-generating sectors. To assure the lifetime and durability of our goods, we employ premium materials like Teflon, rubber, neoprene, and EPDM. Our joints are perfect for a variety of applications since they can tolerate high pressure, temperatures, and corrosive conditions.

Application-Specific Customization:

At AFS Joints, we are aware of the fact that each industry and application has different needs. We provide specialized solutions that are made to fit certain demands because of this. Our skilled staff collaborates closely with customers to pinpoint their needs and offer solutions that are tailored to their requirements. We make sure every product we produce satisfies the highest standards of quality and dependability from design to manufacture.

Heavy-Duty Metal Bellows Expansion Joints:

In addition to our rubber expansion joints, we also provide metal bellows expansion joints for these kinds of heavy-duty uses. These joints are made to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and vibration, which makes them perfect for use in the petrochemical, oil, gas, and power-generating sectors. Our metal bellows expansion joints are made with the utmost quality and dependability, guaranteeing that they can survive even the most rigorous applications.

Why you should choose Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc:

AFS Joints is your dependable partner if you’re looking for expansion joints in Charleston, South Carolina. We provide a wide selection of flexible expansion joints, including specialized options made to satisfy particular requirements. You may get guidance and assistance from our team of specialists to help you choose the best product for your application. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and top-notch products, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

Flexible expansion joints at competitive prices and quick delivery:

At AFS Joints, we recognize the value of prompt delivery and reasonable price. We provide quick response times and affordable prices for our flexible expansion joints because of this. We collaborate with customers to determine their needs and offer affordable solutions that adhere to their timeframe and budget. You can depend on AFS Joints to provide you with high-quality goods that will be delivered on time and at affordable pricing.


In the US, AFS Joints is a prominent provider and producer of flexible expansion joints. We provide top-notch goods crafted to satisfy the unique demands of numerous sectors. We have established a reputation as an industry leader because of our dedication to providing excellent customer service and high-quality goods. Contact AFS Joints now to discuss your needs if you’re searching for expansion joints in Charleston, South Carolina, or anywhere else in the US.

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