Fluoropolymer Expansion Joints

When your application requires expansion joints that are capable of handling a higher temperature than that of our Elastomeric joints, Advanced Flexible Systems, Inc. has a line of Fluoropolymer expansions joints perfect for those needs. Capable of handling temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, these are suitable for both wet and dry applications. Fluoropolymer offers an excellent chemical resistance that can be augmented by adding a Teflon laminate of any thickness between 4 and 30 mils. We offer both standard active lengths as well as custom fabrication.

Typical Movements – Fluid Sealing Association Handbook – Table D-B

TypeActive LengthAxial CompressionAxial ExtensionLaterial Movement
Single Layer6″ (150mm)2″ (50mm)1/2″ (13mm)+/-1″(25mm)
Fluoropolymer9″ (230mm)3″ (75mm)1/2″ (13mm)+/-11/2″(38mm)
Flexible12″ (305mm)4″ (100mm)1″(25mm)+/-2″(50mm)
Element16″ (405mm)5″ (125mm)1″(25mm)+/-2 1/2″ (63mm)


Advanced Flecible Systems,Inc. Offers non-standard widths (active lenghths) and Movement capabilities as required by the client.

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