Elastomeric Expansion Joints

One line of rubber expansion joints offered at AFS Joints is our elastomeric line. These expansion joints are available in a range of standard sizes and are recommended for temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We are also capable of fabricating non-standard widths and movement capabilities as required by each client. Along with the standard elastomeric options, we can also work with a number of other FDA-approved elastomer options to best fulfill your flexible system needs.

Typical Movements – Fluid Sealing Association Handbook – Table D-B

TypeActive LengthAxial CompressionAxial ExtensionLaterial Movement
Single Layer6″ (150mm)2″ (50mm)1/2″ (13mm)+/-1″(25mm)
Elastomer9″ (230mm)3″ (75mm)1/2″ (13mm)+/-11/2″(38mm)
Flexible12″ (305mm)4″ (100mm)1″(25mm)+/-2″(50mm)
Element16″ (405mm)5″ (125mm)1″(25mm)+/-2 1/2″ (63mm)

Advanced Flecible Systems,Inc. Offers non-standard widths (active lenghths) and Movement capabilities as required by the client.

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Why Should You Choose High-Quality Elastomeric Expansion Joints

With high-end structures like bridges, etc. it is important to choose the quality expansion joints. Often these are elastomeric expansion joints used along with steel angles and bridging plates to manage excessive loads on the system. This is capable of sustaining loads and movements of 330 mm. Hence quality elastomeric strip seals can act as a supporting structure to prolong the worklife of the same. Also, best elastomeric joints have great riding quality, skid resistance, etc. to prevent road mishaps and hazards. With these expansion joints, it is easy to attain –
  • Extended durability and reliability
  • Water tightness
  • Wear resistance design and surfacing
With the best EPDM Expansion Joints, you get specialised rubber sheeting, coated textiles, engineered items, etc. These are designed to be adequate for achieving the desired fit. With the right Fabric Expansion Joints, it is easy to ensure that the same is able to attain quality outcomes in a given service environment. Other forms of these elastomeric expansion joints can further be customized using additives to impart desired properties.

Critical features of the EPDM Expansion Joints

Suitably these EPDM Expansion Joints are designed to attain special compounding or deliver the following properties –
  • Quality elastomeric joints have low smoke and toxicity
  • Flame retardant designs help to bring better outcomes from rubber expansion joints
  • Special Fabric Expansion Joints with electromagnetic coatings
  • Waterproof membranes and rubber coated textiles

Benefits of quality EPDM Expansion Joints

With quality elastomeric expansion joints, it is easy to attain additional advantages. Further with the right elastomeric strip seals, it is easy to prevent damage to the adjoining structures, deliver adequate thermal resistance and withstand contractions. With the EPDM Expansion Joints, it is easy to withstand temperatures of around 110-130 C. These elastomeric expansion joints can also withstand diluted bases or acids. Therefore depending on the type of Fabric Expansion Joints selected, it is easy to resist UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

Why do quality Fabric Expansion Joints matter?

With the best elastomeric joints, it is easy to ensure that the continual movements are absorbed. Further these elastomeric expansion joints must withstand variable working environments and pressure exerted by gasses passing through the system. By adopting expansion joints, it is easy to save the surrounding pipes from pulling apart or leakages. The Fabric Expansion Joints can be flexible to avoid leakages, cut down on maintenance costs and problems. Thanks to such elastomeric strip seals, it is possible to defer the repairs and replacements.

Quality elastomeric expansion joints for smooth industrial manufacturing

With top quality elastomeric expansion joints like Fabric Expansion Joints, it is easy to ensure a smooth passage of the desired liquid or gas. EPDM Expansion Joints can handle the adjacent sides of a deck joint and deliver easy translation and rotations. Such elastomeric expansion joints can also be formulated using high-quality materials to meet critical requirements, abrasion resistance, inclement weather conditions, etc. With the premium versions of these elastomeric joints, it is easy to accommodate movements in lateral and angular direction. Gaps can be sealed using watertight profiles and elastic control systems. Hence, it brings advantages like –
  • Long service life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Waterproof designs
  • Easy installation, etc.