What is a Roof Expansion Joint?

What is a Roof Expansion Joint?

Expansion joints are designed to withstand the extreme changes and its impact on the roof. These Roof expansion joints are used to support the region where the roof meets the wall, especially if you are supporting a new structure to an existing one.

Roof Expansion Joint Installation

It is important that a continuous wood curb is used to support the roof perimeter and must extend at least 10 inches above the existing roof. The surface of the curbs must be sloped away from the Roof expansion joints to ensure that the moisture and condensation is sloped away from the joint.

Types Of Roof Expansion Joints

1- Roof to roof expansion joint

In order to place the Roof to roof expansion joint, copper based flashing is used. The same is nailed to the top of the curb by cutting to the slope of 3 inches per foot.

The lower edge is held using a continuous edge strip the upper edge of which is folded over to accommodate movements. Copper counter flashing is then folded and held using a copper receiver set into the joints. Even if the existing wall has this, the joint is raked and copper receiver is inserted in and sealed.

Depending on the width of the joint, it may be necessary to widen the curb further to accommodate the same.

2- Roof to wall expansion joint 

For the Roof to wall expansion joint, the lower copper edge is nailed to the top surface of the curb. The lower edge is nailed to the curb and the continuous edge strip.

As a result, the lower base flashing is formed in a manner to accommodate the maximum expansion. The upper copper base is locked into the edge strip. The same is held to the wall using cleats and spaced at 12 inches. The same is secured to the wall in a reglet and sealed.

Aluminium or stainless-steel joints are created in a way to protect the joints and ensure that the watertight structure is maintained in extreme conditions.

What Makes Roof Expansion Joints So Important?

Roof expansion joints can accommodate and absorb the three-dimensional movements. These are designed to ensure free movement of the existing structure and securing the same against water. This is crucial as it prevents the structures from colliding and maintains the durability of these structures completely. Thus, these are crucial for your safety.

1- Your buildings are never still!

Buildings are never still and can move due to the following reasons especially due to heavy traffic, changes in weather conditions, earth shifting, sways caused by the winds, etc.

Although the movements are not a problem yet it is crucial to ensure that your home is designed in a way to accommodate these changes. It is also crucial to dissipate the pressure and enhance your structural stability.  Joints, especially roof to wall expansion joints, can be an ideal investment to control pressure and enhance its durability.

2- Helps to facilitate the movements of the roofs

Quality expansion joints are designed to facilitate the movements of the roofs minus the damages. It also helps to save the waterproof membrane or tiles from the problems. This implies that the roofs last longer.

3- Helps to accommodate movements in larger structures 

Choosing the right expansion joints means that the roofs last longer as these joints bring ideal space to accommodate the movements of the roof.

These joint covers go over the gap and help to cover it adequately. These essential materials are used in larger structures especially in shopping malls and stadiums, etc. Such joints can be made from any form of material yet often stainless-steel or aluminium is used. These expansion joints are also durable and sturdy in handling the weight of the entire structure.

How Long Do Roofing  Joints Last?

Roof expansion joints are expensive to purchase and need to be fitted adequately to the roofs. These can be designed to last for a long time.

However, choosing the right roof expansion joints can be tough especially for tall buildings. With the best manufacturer, you can get exceptional quality and performance that is possible only through brands that have an experienced team of professionals and carry the best technology. Consult experts to ensure that you choose only the best expansion joints manufacturer that suit your requirements and are waterproof and weatherproof.

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