What Are Duct Expansion Joints? Types And Uses

Duct Expansion Joints Manufacturer and Supplier in the USA A Duct expansion joint include flexible connectors that can be used within DUCT SYSTEMS. The duct expansion joints play an important role in transmission of shock and vibration. They are capable of accommodating thermal movements at a minimal stress within the duct work. In the case of seismic joints, they can adjust to different motion throughout the building expansion joints.

1. Rotating Duct expansion joints

Rotating duct expansion joint Manufacturer and Supplier in the USA

The duct joints types are available in round and rectangular configurations. These round duct expansion joints can be chosen from collar, weld, or flanged ends. The duct expansion joints are known for compensating thermal expansion within industrial gas systems. The thickness of the flange angle’s are 3/8, however, plate flanges are deemed fit for use when required.

A rotating duct joint can influence rotation within a straight duct, while driving the internal flow pressure between centripetal buoyancy and coriolis.

2. Flue ducting expansion joints

Flue-duct-expansion-joints Manufacturer and Supplier in the USA

A duct system is known for its versatility and broad features. It usually depends on the kind of materials that flow through it. It’s important to be equipped with the best flue duct expansion joint- it helps to reduce vibrations and noise, while preventing excessive leakage. It helps to improve operational efficiency by complying with safety standards. Most importantly, it helps to decrease risks and chances of failures. The design of the flue duct expansion joints can meet your application requirements. It helps to enhance engineering security by reducing corner failures. Whether it’s about reducing the burden of duct work or reducing wear and tear caused due to harsh gas or chemicals, duct expansion joints are of great help.

3. Flue gas expansion joints

Flue-duct-expansion-joints Manufacturer and Supplier in the USA

In order to eliminate pollutants, flue gas is treated with different kinds of scrubbers and chemical procedures. A flue gas expansion joint is non-metallic in nature. Its design can relieve stress that usually occurs due to thermal expansion or vibration at the time of handling systems. An optimally designed flue duct expansion joint come with flexible connectors. These connectors have the capacity to absorb shock and thermal growth. As a result, the connectors can reduce the impact of shock and vibration. The flue duct expansion joints can be put to several uses- especially for lightweight tasks. For example, it is used in bathhouses, precipitators, scrubbers,  or fans within air handling systems.

4. Duct flexible joints

Duct flexible joints Manufacturer and Supplier in the USA

Duct flexible joints are known for their chemical or corrosion resistance features. The overall costs related to designing, repair, replacement, and installation is relatively low. The duct flexible joints are easy to repair and install. The lifespan of these duct flexible joints can be extended up to several years. Besides, the ducts are known for their unique applications and negligible spring loads or rates. The duct flexible joints can facilitate lateral, axial, independent or simultaneous movements.

What are the uses of ducting non-metallic expansion joints

The ducting non-metallic expansion joints are used to relieve stress in pipings or ducting systems. It works by absorbing shock and thermal growth. It can also facilitate misalignment and isolation of mechanical vibration. The duct flexible joint can offer high level of flexibility when installed inside piping systems or ducting systems. The non-metallic duct expansion joints are produced from laminated, coated or woven fabric materials. These joints can accommodate to movements that occur from different directions. They are easy to customize and need little to no space. Additionally, these ducts can be installed and transported easily.  Flue duct expansion joints can handle low pressure applications. The joints are available in standard profiles such as round, rectangular, flat belt type, and U-type.

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